Over the past 48hrs Candace Payne became just “a little bit” famous by videoing herself experiencing pure joy and happiness with a simple Chewbacca Star Wars mask bought from Kohl’s for a mere $17.99. Sharing her happiness and infectious laughter with the world Candace has become a social media icon and reached stardom, even the actor who played Chewbacca called the video “Absolutely Wonderful!” With over 81 million views Candace has touched people’s hearts just by sharing something that made her happy.

Laughter doesn’t come easily to everyone, with comments posted such as “How do I become as happy as this woman?” and “Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a talking Chewbacca mask!” which has proved to bring nothing but pure happiness to Candace and the millions of viewers of her video.

With children laughing 300 times more in the day than adults, Candace has definitely proved that an adult or a child laughter is definitely one of the reasons for her happiness. Most of the decisions we make are made from our hearts and the feeling we get in our soul. A happy soul means, happier decision making, which means a happier you!

Want to learn how to laugh from your soul like Candace? Here are ten reasons why you should attend the Inspire2 Laughter “Happy” Hour event on June 2nd.

  1. Is laughter truly the best medicine? There are studies that show laughter can reduce medical treatments, lower blood pressure, improve sleeping, aid in weight loss, and can even increase sex drive! Learn more about these and how laughter can affect your body, mind and soul when it comes to decision making and how you can train yourself to think happier thoughts.
  2. If you want to and need to make life changing decisions but not sure where to begin, this event will help you focus on your goals and how to reach them. Allow me to show you how to take the first step to making that change.
  3. Are you constantly feeling like you are fighting a losing battle with life, love, work, and friendships? I want to infuse your life with laughter, positive feelings, and lasting friendships. My laughter “happy hour” will give you the resources you need to be a better person, laugh harder, love freely.
  4. Are there a million goals, challenges and random thoughts just running around in your head? Not sure how to prioritize them? Let me teach you how to manage and organize your time so you can enjoy more of what makes you happy.
  5. Pondering on hiring a Life Coach? Not sure what a coach does and how they can help? I will go through a step by step coaching process so you can find out if it's what you need to reach your dreams. Struggling to set effective goals? I will teach you all about goal setting and how to make them reachable and achievable.
  6. Every new friend is a new adventure and a start of new memories. Come and enjoy meeting new people, making connections and finding new friends.
  7. There is only one thing better than making a new friend and that's keeping an old friend. Do you have that friend who just needs some help relaxing? Bring them along and I will teach them how to smile with their eyes, laugh from their soul, and relax. Your friendship with go from strength to strength. Take advantage of the “bring a friend discounts!”
  8. Loneliness often does not come from having no one around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you. Studies have proven that the lack of laughter results in loneliness. If you feel isolated and are concerned it's creating negative reactions within you come and learn how to overcome the fear of feeling alone by introducing laughter in your life.
  9. Learn how to “really laugh from your soul!” I shall teach you how to “fake it” too!!
  10. Unions Jack's is a great “British” themed bar, I shall make sure you enjoy a glass of wine, beer or soft beverage on me! After the session you can enjoy their hospitality too as they have live music and entertainment.