The Pursuit of Happiness

What is happiness? Happiness is defined as a mental or even emotional state of well-being in one’s mind. Derived by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to sheer intense joy. Happiness can be sourced from a variety of factors ranging from, financial, personal, economical, psychological, physical and religious. Whatever your happiness or even ‘happyness’ may derive from most if not all of the world’s population seek it. To some it comes easily and to others it’s a challenge. What is it that makes some people happier than others? Is happiness the root to success? Why are some people more content then others with just the ‘small’ things in life whilst others fight to conquer the world in order to fulfill lifelong ambitions and dreams? If some or all of these questions have crossed your mind and you are seeking some answers than you need to attend The ‘Happiness’ Hour. If you can’t make this event but would like to pursuit a happier life then please call or email me for 1-2-1, or group sessions.