“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, will never reach their maximum capabilities.”
— Bob Nardelli, CEO of The Home Depot

When I first came to America I thought being a Personal Performance Coach would be a well know concept but I was proven wrong. Here in the USA a Coach is primarily thought of as someone who supports sports people to become the best in their field or a Health and Fitness Coach who focuses on the physical and health challenges that one may want to concentrate on. However, the idea of having a Coach to better oneself not just physically but mentally is certainly seen to be a unique concept. This is surprising considering the coaching model actually originates from the USA. Famous influencers such as Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar originated from America and their coaching capabilities continue to inspire people every day.

If like me, you are surprised at what I have just said then why on a daily basis do I get asked the question “What is it that a Coach actually does?”

I have to stress that coaching is different from therapy and counseling which, here in the USA, are more popular forms of interaction to assist with self-development. The counseling and therapy methods focus more on the past where as a Coach’s intentions are goal centric, adopting processes that concentrate on where one is now and where one would like to be in the future. By asking a set of questions coaching helps to generate goals, action points and a time managed process that will empower one to complete those action points in order to reach those goals. These goals can be specific to any area of life from careers to relationships and much more.

Coaching is just as effective in a 1-2-1 session as it is in a group forum and a lot of companies spend enormous amounts of time and money to better their employees well-being in order for them to reach targets to excel the organization. It is considered as an investment and money well spent!

“COACHING, is now a part of standard leadership development training for elite executives and talented up-and-comers at IBM, MOTOROLA, JP MORGAN, CHASE, AND HEWLETT PACKARD. These companies are discreetly giving their best prospects what star athletes have long had: A trusted advisor to help: REACH THEIR GOALS.”
— CNN.com

If you’re still skeptical and unsure then check out what people who have actually experienced 1-2-1 coaching have to say:

“Outstanding coach!! Alka really helped me think through how I wanted my year to plan out. She kept me accountable to the things I said that I wanted to do and I have since started a second business.”
— Nicola Edwards, Founder and Owner of the Queen’s Grocer and Independent Travel Agent at Luxur-E Travel and District Human Resource Manager at Macy's
“Alka delivers her coaching sessions with the perfect combination of listening, understanding and passion. Discovering and finding goals in Alka's coaching sessions has uplifted the way I see day to day life. Furthermore, being able to talk through these aspirations with her and creating a plan of action as to how I am going to achieve them has meant that I have now gained a more solutions-focused and rather excited attitude to the challenges I face. I am positive that it is solely as a result of Alka's dedicated time to our coaching sessions, her ability to ask focused questions and her willingness and approachability, that I now feel like a healthier, happier and more proactive person. I cannot thank Alka enough for all her help, time and motivation. I am sure I will request more coaching sessions with Alka over the years and in times of particular struggle but until then I cannot recommend her enough to others.”
— Krisha Gandhi, First Class Honors Degree Graduate in History & Mandarin from SOAS-University of London