On June 1st I was asked by the Bay Weekly editor if I would be interested in writing this week's article dedicated to Father's Day. My initial reaction was excitement followed by dread! I have never written an article before forget about getting it published 'and' it came with a very short time frame to complete and submit! For those of you who know me well you will know that I rarely refuse a challenge! And so I got to work, I focused on the task in hand and with the help of Sandra the Bay Weekly's amazingly talented editor and all the great fathers and children I got to interview, my first Bay Weekly article was published today. I want to thank Sandra for being patient and not giving up on me and thanks to all the families for their inspiration.

Stepping out of ones comfort zone is a really daunting thing for most people and as the article focuses on fathers including my own father and how they inspired and continue to inspire us to embrace change in modern society. So I encourage all of you to seek inspiration from, whoever your role model may be and to at least take a tiny step out of your comfort zone, I promise the magic and all the opportunities you need to accomplish your goals are out there. If I can do it so can you!