Another Valentines Day is looming, are you planning on faking an illness and taking a duvet day to hibernate in your house with Bridget Jones, a large bottle of gin, a TV dinner and the biggest cheese cake you can find? Stop right there! 

Yes! Yes! I was there too once and it was horrible! However, I have learnt that being a strong, independent person on Valentines Day can be very liberating! 

Embrace this day and start to love yourself, here are five ways to enjoy Valentines Day solo:

1, Regardless of your gender pamper yourself, a new hair do, manicure and pedicure or visiting the barbers for a proper grooming will make you look and feel a million dollars. 

2, Accomplish a bucket list activity. This may be a little last minute but I am sure there is something on all of our bucket lists that can be done spontaneously. Feel the thrill and excitement whether it's taking a kick boxing class or running through a field naked... DO IT! 

3, Fight your fear of being alone and go and enjoy a meal out, yes on your own! Enjoying your own company on Valentines Day is very brave and you never know who you may meet!

4, Check out your local singles clubs or meet up groups. After all, everyone's in the same boat, keep an open mind and remember you'll be there to keep someone else company too! 

5, Laugh! Yes, 'Laugh Out Loud' even if you're on your own. Laugher is free therapy, it boosts your mood and instantly makes you feel better. An evening of funny movies, stand up comedy, in your PJs, snuggled up on the couch is the ultimate night in. Don't forget the chocolate, it pairs perfectly with laughter! 

Happy Valentines Day! Remember you are as alone as you make yourself feel. Flying solo is not so bad after all! ❤