2017 Bring it on!


At the end of any year it’s human nature to focus on resolutions or as us Coaches call them ‘goals.’

I have a list of challenging goals that I intend to accomplish to live a happier, more successful, healthier life in 2017 and beyond.

As I think about what I want to achieve this coming year, I also reflect on why I haven’t accomplished certain goals so far and what I will do differently to make sure I do accomplish my goals in 2017.

Here is my 14-step guide to making 2017 the best yet:

1.     The Goal. When you sit back tomorrow with your favorite beverage to toast in the new year, verbally reeling off a random list of what you want to achieve, seriously think about what you truly do want to achieve. Think about how important achieving those goals are to you.

2.     Whilst those goals are fresh in your mind, write them down. Seeing your goals written down makes them real.

3.     Break them down in to more specific, manageable goals. Ask yourself how realistic achieving those goals are. After all, trying to reach unachievable goals will just make one feel inadequate and dare I say the word, a ’failure’.

4.     Think about what options you have of reaching those goals. What can you do to get one step closer to your goals?

5.     Timeframes. When do you want to reach your goals by? Make that timeframe realistic. It is impossible to lose 14lbs of weight in 7 days, believe me I have tried it!

6.     Who can help you? Who can you tell about your goals and when you are going to reach them by? Who can keep you accountable to reach YOUR goals? If you want to keep your goals to yourself, ask yourself why? Will this stop you from reaching your goals? Is it because you really don’t want to commit to reaching those goals?

7.     Make YOUR goals, YOUR goals! Trying to reach a goal to make someone else happy will not make YOU happy.

8.     Review your goals regularly. The most successful people review their goals daily and reevaluate.

9.     Don’t be afraid to change your goals. Circumstances in our lives change daily, it is normal to change our goals as we travel through the twists and turns of the journey that is our life.

10. Stay focused! Do one thing every day to get you one step closer to reaching your goals.

11. Reward yourself! Every small step is a big step to successful achievements.

12. Don’t give up! The beginning is always the hardest, great things take time and the most successful achievements occur after the most challenging times. The moment you are about to quit is about the time that miracle is about to happen. Don’t give up!

13. Start now! YES RIGHT NOW!

14. Laugh! Yes laugh! Laughing makes anything easier to achievable. Try it and see.

Wishing you the best year yet! 2017 bring it on!