Mothers and daughter relationships are special, the mother sees herself in her daughter as she grows and develops into a young woman. Both women have goals and ambitions they wish to accomplish, some together, some as individuals. This workshop is designed, as with all Inspire2 events, to create an open and trusting environment where mothers and daughters can come and learn new communication skills, discuss goals and challenges, impart wisdom and knowledge, and develop a stronger, supportive bond between each other during the different stages of our lives. 


Goals setting begins at an early age and never ends, all age groups are welcome. 


This workshop will help you if:


1, you are seeking alternative, respectful and loving communication methods.


2, finding ways to develop an understanding as to the different mother and daughter thought patterns.


3, want to share ideas and techniques that have developed a strong bond between mother and daughter especially showing appreciation and trusting our intuition. 


4, struggling with change, letting go of past mistakes, and healing. 


5, need ways to speak up and share your goal confidently with your mother or daughter and are seeking support. 


6. Interested in including other female role models as resources, mentors, and guides to supplement the advantages of a mother and daughter relationship. 


Mother and daughter welcome to attend together or individually.


This event has limited seats so book early to avoid disappointment.