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Laughter is the language of the soul! Pablo Neruda

So what is laughter?

It is one of the first emotions that we develop as a human being. With proven medicinal qualities it is also a secret weapon to master happiness.

Most of the decisions we make are made from the heart and the feeling we get in our soul. A happy soul means, happier decision making, which means a happier you!

Come and experience the euphoria of happiness and learn new skills and techniques on simply living a happier and healthier life.

Feel stressed, fear, frustration, unhappiness. Unable to cope with life’s challenges or you just want to learn to laugh from your soul!

At this event we will:

  • Focus on becoming more in-tune to your needs, dreams and desires.
  • Discuss goal setting and focus on easy steps to create an action plan to reach your goals.
  • Look at how to eliminate stress from your life. Learn powerful techniques to live a happier life style.
  • Talk about the qualities of laughter and how it can help you to simply become happier! 
  • Have the opportunity to network in a relaxed environment and enjoy a drink on me! (A glass of premium, wine, beer or soft drink included)


Reviews from a few attendees of my last event:

This a wonderful workshop with real-time lessons on the details in life that can lead us on a path to happiness. Alka's knowledge and teaching is so helpful! Everyone should go to this workshop at least once in their life to benefit them and their loved ones. And, her message really sinks in by the activities, humor and participation far better than a self-help book or magazine article!
K. S. (Attended Inspiring Happiness & Laughter Workshop on May 28, 2016)
I enjoyed the event! As a young student I learnt some great techniques to get me through revision and balancing my schedule.
J.B. (Attended Inspiring Happiness & Laughter Workshop on May 28, 2016)
Great workshop! I can't wait for the next one so that I can bring my husband! He will love it!
N.E. (Attended Inspiring Happiness & Laughter Workshop on May 28, 2016)